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Lowest Price Guarantee

    If you get a quote for a lower price on the same exact rta cabinets (including shipping), from another online cabinet distributor, we will not only match their price… we will beat it!!

    As a direct rta cabinets importer, we are so confident that we can offer the lowest prices on the internet, that we are willing to back it up with a guarantee. If you can find the same exact rta cabinets at a lower price anywhere on the internet, we will not only match their price, but we will beat it!



  1. The quote must be for the same exact rta cabinets, being delivered to the same exact location (some companies sell them under a different name, but we know who is selling the same exact cabinets because some of them actually ship them out of our warehouse!!).

  2. The quote must be directly from the company with their name on it. We will accept a printout of their shopping cart, a pdf copy of the quote, or a forwarded e-mail if it includes the name of the person that quoted you. We call to confirm each quote. We will not accept a verbal quote.

  3. The quote must contain a complete list of the rta cabinets that you were ordering (can not be just a total), the price of each cabinet, and the shipping charges (since we offer several different shipping options, the shipping terms must match us as well).

  4. The rta cabinet quote must be dated, and has to be from within the past two weeks of being sent to us (Sorry, you can't use a quote from a year ago!).

    All inquires can be sent to the following e-mail address - Melon Cabinetry has the right to refuse any quote comparison that we deem to be fraudulent or incomplete. Melon Cabinetry reserves the right to confirm the authenticity of all cabinet quotes that are submitted. The guarantee can not be combined with any special pricing or promotions that are currently in place. Guarantee does not apply to any closeout or overstock deals that another distributor may be offering on a limited basis. Since some distributors offer a lower price and add margin into the shipping costs, the lower price must be a combination of the cost of the rta cabinets and shipping charges. The terms of shipping have to be noted so that a direct comparison can be provided (For example, if they are quoting on delivery to a trucking terminal, then it can't be compared to the cost of having it delivered to your house). Lower price will only be offered based on the commitment of an order, so as not to create a bidding war. If you do not plan on committing to placing an order for cabinets, then please do not forward our competitors quote.

Offer can not be applied to rta cabinets orders currently in the system or for previous orders.

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